Mamba Sports Academy is an industry leader in body, performance, and mind training. They will be focused on providing health, wellness, and mental acuity training for our campers. We want our campers to be set up for success, and we’ll guide their habits on and off the computer.


Mamba Esports: Cognitive Performance Training

The Mamba Cognitive Training Protocol include intensive brain training sessions. These sessions are designed to push the users’ limits of their cognitive speed, accuracy, and focus under loads and stressors. The neuroscience-based training has been tested and validated by elite athletes across the NFL, MLB, Rugby, Formula 1, and Esports. Mamba’s AXR Cognitive Training Objectives:

  • Baseline Skills Assessment

  • Performance Under Audio & Visual Loads

  • Sustained Focus & Endurance

  • Performance In Cooperative & Competitive Environments

Mamba Esports: Functional Fitness Training

Esports is not just a sport of the mind, a healthy body is key in performance. Each day will begin with foam rolling techniques to decrease any soreness or tightness in their body followed by a dynamic warm up. The training will be focused on increasing the range of motion and adding movement in their daily routines. Learning about how to move and breathe efficiently will allow them to focus better on their tasks at hand. Using these training tools, they will identify their areas of weaknesses and how to work on those areas. Mamba’s AXR functional training objectives:

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Stability

  • Foundational strength

  • Core stability