• Where will the camps take place?

    Esports Camps are held in various locations to include partner universities, Esports arenas and LAN centers. We are always looking to expand access for your campers. If you don’t see a location near you, please send us a note to let us know you’re interested and we’ll notify you as soon as we secure a location near you.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    Yes, the registration fee is $790 for a two week camp session. Registration fees are accepted up to one week before the start of a camp session. However, your camper's spot will not be reserved until registration fees have been received in full.

  • Are there any discounts or incentives available?

    Yes, our camp fees are $790 for a two week camp session. If parents chose to register for additional sessions, we’ll deduct $95 off their fees for a total of $695. That’s a 12% discount!  There is also a 10% discount for additional family members. Please contact CyberEd Camps staff members to assist. There is also a Customer Referral Program where you can receive $25 for camp participants that you refer up to $200. So spread the word!

  • Will my child be sitting and playing games all day?

    No! Campers will have a daily schedule of physical activities. They will also be taught proper etiquette and use of electronic games. This will include topics like the disadvantages of excessive game-play and its negative impact on their performance.

  • Can you really get a college scholarship by playing games?

    Yes, The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), a popular governing body for varsity esports, has awarded $16 million in esports scholarships and aid since 2016. Athletic scholarships are also offered by nearly 200 colleges and universities in the United States offering around $15 million each year in scholarships. University teams can earn millions more in prize money from tournaments.

  • Can people really make a career out of gaming?

    Absolutely! Competitive gaming or Esports is big business. In the USA, Esports viewership exceeds all other major sports except the NFL. Check out the following video on how video games became a spectator sport.